An Update

As you are all probably aware, this blog has not been updated in months. Don’t worry, it is not over, just paused for the moment. I started writing this blog as something to do during the weird part of 2020, when New York City was no longer the global hotspot for COVID cases, but I was still doing everything else online. This blog served as something to get me out of the house when I took pictures, and was something to look forward to when everything else was depressing.

I am a college student, and like most college students, I was unable to return to campus for the past year. That has changed now, and I am back on campus. Unfortunately, I don’t go to school in New York City, so I am unable to continue with this blog for the duration of this semester. Don’t worry, it should come back in the summer. In the meantime I will try to periodically add updates to the existing posts, if I missed something, or felt that the writing could have been better. I might also write a post or two about the system here. (It has the second most stations in the world, right after our favorite, New York). If that sounds interesting, let me know, however, they won’t be nearly as long or in depth as this blog’s regular content.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has followed this blog and appreciated what I have written. I’m proud of this work, and have every intention of continuing it in the future.

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